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Managing an employee benefits program while complying with federal, state, and local laws is challenging. The risks and consequences of noncompliance continue to grow, and enforcement actions can be unforgiving and costly.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Healthcare Reform) has added a new layer of complexity to the regulatory environment. We are focused to ensure that you are at the forefront of the issues related to Healthcare Reform and understand how the legislation will impact you and your benefits program strategy.

In addition to leveraging our own expertise, licensing, industry resources and continuing education, Jones / Halder & Associates has engaged an organization whose team of compliance and legal experts puts HR and benefits compliance at your fingertips. We provide all of our clients with a one-stop solution that streamlines your HR function and gets you back to doing what you do best -- building your business. This comprehensive service provides practical compliance support through publications, email alerts, training, and more.

Please note that the HR360 compliance attorneys cannot be considered your legal counsel and may not supply you with legal opinions.