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Principals Intro

In 2001, Scott and Joe were introduced through Joe’s then current partner, George Call and Scott’s dad Ernie who had worked with each other for the 30 years prior. After years of working with each other Scott and Joe decided to combine forces and create Jones / Halder & Associates. Over the years they have been referred to by some clients as the "crayon guy" - Scott, and the "pencil guy" - Joe. The combination of their creativity and attention to detail provide a team ready to produce client solutions from a variety of angles. Their passion for the work they do derives from a simple model that both believe in deeply: "If you have foresight and character, you can have impact on your family for generations."

They do not take the concept of service lightly and provide the same caliber of time and attention to each client regardless of case size.

Additionally, Scott and Joe have occasionally evaluated an employer's group benefits or personal planning and found that the company's current work with another planner is up to par and requires no change on their end. They are in the business of providing a service, not selling a product. This has resulted in long-term client relationships that are now referred to as friends.

When they aren't working in their eclectic office loft to strategize client solutions, you can find Scott and Joe cheering each other on at their various hobbies.